Frosty friends winter décor

This quartet of frosty snowmen is such a cute winter decoration for the table or mantel…they look like they’re just about ready to sing our favorite Christmas carols! Use these same techniques to make an individual snowman for a nice gift or holiday centerpiece – just use a snowflake or other wintery embellishment for the rosette.

Smoothfoam Snowman decoration


Three 2” Smoothfoam balls
Four 2-1/2” Smoothfoam balls
One 3-3/8” Smoothfoam ball
Two 3″ Smoothfoam cubes
Two 2″ x 4″ x 4″ Smoothfoam blocks 
Winter-themed cardstock
Glitter chipboard letters
Pencil with new eraser
Craft paints:  ivory, black, white, dark orange, light blue
Mod Podge Gloss Medium
Clear fine glitter
Wood skewers & toothpicks
Tinsel garland
Tinsel chenille stems
Small feather boa
Hot glue gun
Score board and stylus (or metal ruler and bone folder)
Paper cutter


1.  Poke a skewer into each of the eight Smoothfoam balls and paint ivory; let dry.

painted smoothfoam face


2.  For their faces, paint black dots for the eyes and mouth. Let dry and then highlight with tiny white dots.

3.  Water down the orange paint (3 parts water, 1 part paint) to blush their cheeks.

4.  Shade above their eyes and below their mouths with light blue.

5.  Paint the pointed tips of the skewers orange, let dry, cut off and poke the flat end in to each face for a “carrot” nose.

Smoothfoam snowmen faces

6.  Dip the pencil eraser in blue paint, blot and apply dots down the front of each snowman’s body for buttons.

7.  Brush Mod Podge on each painted head and body head and sprinkle with glitter, shake off excess and let dry.

8.  Cover the four blocks and cubes with cardstock – cut squares and rectangles to fit each top and side. Adhere the cardstock using Mod Podge and let dry.

paper rosette

9.  To make paper rosettes, score a sheet of 12” x 12″ cardstock with straight lines at ½” intervals. Cut the sheet in half across the score lines and cut out 1-1/2” x 12″ strips. Fold each strip accordion-style along the score lines. Glue 2 strips together end-to-end, then glue the opposite ends together to form the rosette circle. Secure the rosette by hot-gluing a 1-1/4” paper circle over the hole on the wrong side. Repeat to make four rosettes.

10.  Glue a rosette to each block and cube, then glue a letter to each rosette to spell NOEL (or SNOW or JOY! )

Smoothfoam snowman assembly

11.  Use toothpicks and hot glue to attach a head to each body, and then each body to a base. Embellish each snowman with tinsel garland, feather boa and chenille stems as shown.


Holly berry door décor


I love to design unique and colorful door décor for the holidays and holly is one of my favorite inspirations. Instead of the traditional wreath, create this cheery, extra-large holly berry door decoration to brighten your holiday season! Learn how to make this DIY Christmas door hanger below.

Smoothfoam holly berry door decor


Three 3″ Smoothfoam balls
Two 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount sheets
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Americana Paints – Santa Red and Hauser Medium Green
1 skein red yarn
3 yards green ball fringe
Green patterned scrapbook paper
Hot wire foam cutting tool (or serrated craft knfe)
Paint brush
7 wooden skewers
3 pencils
Copy paper
Fine grit sandpaper
6″ length of red ribbon
Gel medium
Straight pins

trace holly leaf pattern

1.   Insert a pencil in the existing hole of each Smoothfoam ball to hold as a handle and paint all three with Santa Red, set aside to dry.

Smoothfoam holly leaves

2.  Draw a holly leaf on copy paper, cut it out and trace it on to each 12″ Smoothfoam sheet. Cut out the leaves with hot wire tool and sand the edges smooth if necessary.  Paint the edges of the leaves with Hauser Medium Green, let dry.

yarn covered Smoothfoam balls

3.  Squeeze a little glue into the hole of one of the balls and poke the end of the yarn inside the hole. Wind the yarn around the ball until the entire surface is covered, securing with a little glue as you go. Repeat with the other two balls.

4.  Trace the holly leaf pattern on to your scrapbook paper, cut it out and adhere it to each Smoothfoam leaf with gel medium, let dry.

5.  Glue the ball fringe all around the edge of the back back of each holly leaf, let dry.

6.  Attach the three balls together with wooden skewers (trim the skewers if necessary). Attach the holly leaves to the berries with skewers, and then fold and glue the ends of red ribbon to the back of the holly berries as a hanger, let dry. Secure the hanger with straight pins.


Felt acorn ornaments


I recently made these cute and colorful acorn ornaments with wool felt die-cuts and 3″ Smoothfoam balls.

Click here for the supply list and you can watch my video tutorial below. I love how these acorn ornaments can go from my autumn décor to the Thanksgiving table and then right to the Christmas tree – they’re multi-seasonal!

Smoothfoam felt acorn ornament


Little pilgrims


These wee little pilgrims will take up no extra space at all on your Thanksgiving table.  Poke them on to short skewers to add to a holiday wreath if you like.

Little Pilgrims


Two 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Two 2-1/2” Smoothfoam eggs
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Slate Grey, Peach, Antique Gold, Milk Chocolate
DecoArt Dimensional Effects Paintable Texture Paste
Peach craft foam
Felt scraps:  gray, white, black
2 black seed beads
4″ length ribbon or trim
Serrated craft knife
Tacky glue
Popsicle stick, pencil
Needle and black thread

1.  Cut a small slice off both ends of each egg and cut a small slice off the side of each ball. Paint the eggs gray and the balls peach and let dry.

2.  Glue each ball to the narrow end of each egg with the two flat sides together to make the head and body.

3.  Trace around the end of the popsicle stick on to the craft foam to make four 1-1/2″ long arms. Paint the top parts of the arms gray to make sleeves and glue them to each body.

4.  For their hair, apply texture paste on top of each ball with the popsicle stick. Let dry and paint the hair brown or gold.

Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet pieces

5.  To make the man’s hat, cut a 2” circle and a 1-¼” circle from black felt. Cut a 1” circle out from the center of the 2” circle. Whipstitch the 1-¼” circle on to the center of the 2” circle and glue the hat to his head. For his collar, glue two small triangles of white felt below his neck and add 2 seed beads for buttons.

6.  To make the woman’s bonnet, cut a 2”x4″ piece of white felt and notch squares out of each side. \Wrap it over the top of her head and secure with glue at the neck. Cut a 1-¼” x1-½” piece for her apron – glue to her body and glue the ribbon or trim around the top of the apron as shown. Glue two small triangles of white felt with the tips cut off for her collar.

Snow angel standing ornament


Snow is in the air and soon the ground will be covered. Childhood memories of making snow angels inspired this whimsical snow angel – complete with a sparkling tutu. I used soft felt, which reminds me of how the snow felt under my arms and legs, as I moved back and forth to make the wings.

Snow angels continue to delight each new generation – add a trio to the mantle or leave them off the stand to poke into a wreath with greenery. There are so many possibilities for a snowy day “craftivity” with Smoothfoam!

Smoothfoam snow angel ornament

You will need:

2” Smoothfoam ball
Two 3” Smoothfoam balls
White Kunin Felt – 5″ x 9” piece
12″ white chenille stem, cut in half
1” wide wire-edge ribbon – two 1/2 yard lengths
½” wide white sheer ribbon – 1/2 yard
4mm pearl trim – 1/3 yard
Two 6mm pearl beads
White teardrop flat-back gem (Robin’s Nest Dewdrops)
Thirty 1” white plastic snowflakes
Two 1” silver plastic snowflakes
2 pearl-head corsage pins
Mini candy cane and bell
White craft paint, paint brush
Cosmetic blush
Wood skewer – cut to two 4″ lengths
Serrated craft knife
Fabri-Tac adhesive
4” Westcott Scissors

Snow angel head and body

1.  Slice off the ends of each ball. Glue the flat side of the 2” ball to the flat side of one of the 3” balls to make the angel’s head and body.

2.  Insert the skewer pieces 1” apart into the round end of the other 3” ball (this is the platform for her to stand on). Paint the skewer pieces white while they’re inside the ball and set aside to dry.

3.  Cut ½” slits along both long sides of the white felt to create fringed edges. Wrap and glue the felt around the angel head and body. Overlap the fringed edges around the top of the head and bottom of the body with glue so the felt fits around each ball snugly, and smooth out any folds as you go. There will be a few small pleats on the head, but this gives her character!

4.  Tie the sheer ribbon in a bow around the neck and trim the excess. Glue two pearls to the center of bow. Insert the pearl pins for her eyes. Glue the teardrop gem for her nose and add blush to her cheeks. Glue the pearl trim around her head, and glue a silver snowflake to the top of her head.

5.  Overlap the two lengths of wire-edge ribbon by ½” and glue together with Fabri-Tac to create her ruffled tutu. Pull the wire carefully at opposite ends of one side to gather the ribbon. Wrap around her body and glue into place.

6.  Fold the ends of each chenille stem 1” back and forth to make her elbow and wrist Make a hole in each side of her body with the scissor point and push the end of each stem into each hole with a little glue. Glue candy cane and bell into each hand.

7.  Glue the white snowflakes onto the third skewered ball, overlapping and covering ball completely except for flat bottom. Accent the front with a silver snowflake. Make two holes in the bottom of her body with the scissor point and push it on to the ends of the skewers on the snowflake ball stand. Let some of the white painted skewers (her legs) show between her body and the stand.


Paper rosette and snowflake wreath


We are looking ahead to the holidays! This paper rosette and snowflake wreath can stay put through January and maybe even February. As long as there is the possibility of snow, I think DIY snowflake wreaths are great for decorating around the house.

Smoothfoam Snowburst wreath


6″ Smoothfoam disc
16 Sticky Sticks
Die-cut paper snowflakes:  fourteen 1-3/4″, seven 2-1/2″, one 4″
Folded paper rosettes:  one 5-1/2″, eight 2-1/2″
12″ x 12″ winter-themed cardstock
Blue inkpad and cosmetic wedge sponge
Mica Snow glitter
Paper cutter, scissors, pencil
Decoupage medium, craft glue
water bucket, paper towels, paper plate, sponge brush


1.  Cut 3/4″ strips of cardstock to fit the front and back of each stick, leaving the adhesive area of each stick uncovered. Adhere the strips to the sticks with decoupage medium. If desired, trim the ends of the covered sticks to a soft point with scissors.

cover Smoothfoam disc with paper

3.  Trace around the Smoothfoam disc twice on the back of a sheet of cardstock. Cut out the circles and glue one to each side of the disc. Cut 1″ strips of cardstock and glue around the sides of the disc.

4.  Shade the edges of disc and the sticks using the wedge sponge and inkpad.

5.  Space the sticks evenly around the top of the disc and mark the positions with a pencil. Remove the release paper from each stick and adhere it into position. The adhesive is permanent, but if you make a mistake, lift the stick off the disc as carefully as possible and reposition with a little glue if needed.

6.  Assemble the folded paper rosettes (there are lots of tutorials online) and glue into position on the sticks as shown.

7.  Add glitter to the snowflakes with some glue and allow to dry. Then glue the snowflakes to the DIY snowflake wreath as shown.


Autumn pumpkin wallhanging


Don’t you just love autumn? There is a crispness to the air that you don’t get any other time of year. I love cool foggy mornings and warm, sunny afternoons…curling up on the porch with a good book and a great cup of coffee are pure heaven.

The pumpkins this year seem to be bigger than ever, too much for my bad back to handle. The solution? Smoothfoam, of course! There is hardly any weight to this door or wall decoration, and it can be used through the Thanksgiving holidays.

Smoothfoam autumn pumpkin decor


1/2″ Smoothfoam sheet
6 Smoothfoam balls: 1-½”
Electric foam cutter
Silk leaf garland – 30” length
Krylon spray paints – orange, brown
Wide wired ribbon – 36” length
Black chisel-tip marker
Craft paints – orange, brown, yellow, white, metallic purple
T-pins, pencil, paint brush
Aleene’s Foamtastic glue
6 pieces floral wire – 8” lengths

1.  Draw a large pumpkin shape on the Smoothfoam sheet and use foam cutter to cut out. Paint with orange craft paint and let dry, then add shadows as shown with brown, and add highlights with yellow and white. Paint the Smoothfoam balls purple and set everything aside to dry.

TIP:  Place Smoothfoam balls on a toothpick to use as a handle while painting, then insert them into another scrap piece of Smoothfoam to dry.

2.  Spray paint the garland with a blend of orange and brown and let dry.

3.  Write a sentiment (I used “Happy Fall, Y’all”) in the center of the paper ribbon with the marker. Bend the wired edges into a banner shape.

4.  Place the garland around the top and sides of the pumpkin. Anchor into position with t-pins, then use foam glue to attach the leaves to the surface. When dry, remove the pins.

5.  Attach the balls to the floral wire and wire into the garland on each side.

6.  Place the banner across the front of the pumpkin and attach with foam adhesive.

7.  Push an additional loop of wire into the backside of the pumpkin for hanging.