Easy last-minute Halloween handkerchief ghosts


Trick-or-treaters are coming tomorrow night – are you ready? Here’s a great easy DIY Halloween craft idea for last-minute decorating – hang a bunch of handkerchief ghosts in a tree, on the shrubs, or over the front porch.
Smoothfoam ghost tree decor



Smoothfoam balls – any size
White handkerchiefs (or white squares of muslin fabric)
Rubber bands
Beading eye pins
Craft glue
Ornament hooks, floral wire or fishing line


1.  Place a ball in the center of a handkerchief – wrap and secure it around the ball with a rubber band.

2.  Poke an eye pin down through the handkerchief into the top of each ball to make a pilot hole, then remove the pin. Dip the pin in a little glue and re-insert the pin in the hole; allow a little time for the glue to dry before hanging.

3.  String and knot several ghosts on to a long piece of fishing line to make a garland, or hang ghosts individually with ornament hooks or wire.

Thanksgiving tabletop decoration – “Give thanks”


This little turkey can give thanks too, because the only carving going on in here is with Smoothfoam! Smoothfoam is very easy to carve with a hot wire tool – once you try it, it will become your favorite crafting technique. You can almost hear this little cutie gobble gobble in agreement! This “Give Thanks” craft makes the perfect Thanksgiving table decoration!

Smoothfoam Give-Thanks-Turkey-Decoratio


Two Smoothfoam sheets – 1″ x 6″ x 12″
1″ Smoothfoam ball
2″ Smoothfoam ball
Craft paints – orange, red, brown
Craft glue
Google eyes
Wood skewers
Craft foam sheets – brown, yellow
Paint pens – black, blue, orange
Paint brush, plastic dish, plastic cup
Carbon paper, pencil
Paper tape
Serrated knife, scissors
Hot wire foam-cutting tool
Printer, legal-size paper (8-1/2″ x 14″)

1.  Glue the two sheets of Smoothfoam together to make a thicker block. Let dry.

2.  Click here to download a PDF of the words “Give Thanks” and print it on legal-sized paper. Tape the print-out to the block of Smoothfoam and insert carbon paper under it. Trace around the words with a pencil to transfer them to the block then remove the papers and tape.

3.  Carefully carve out the words with the hot-wire tool.

4.  Paint all sides of the carved block with red paint. When dry, paint the front and back sides of the block orange and let dry. In a plastic cup, mix about two tablespoons of water with a generous dollop of orange paint. Mix well to make a thin orange wash, then paint all over the red areas of the block. This will tone down the red paint and add a nice shadow effect on the insides of each letter. Let dry.

Smoothfoam turkey body

5.  To prepare the turkey body, cut a deep notch in the 2″ ball on the end without the hole, then paint the ball brown. Paint the 1″ ball for the head red.

6.  Cut a scalloped tail feather and two wings from the brown craft foam sheet. Decorate as shown with the paint pens.

7.  To assemble the turkey, cut a 1-1/2″ piece from the wood skewer, paint it red (it’s the neck) and let dry. Poke one end of the skewer into the 1″ ball, and the other end of the red skewer into the hole in the 2″ ball at a slight angle.

8.  Insert the brown craft foam tail piece into the notch in the 2″ ball and secure with a drop of glue. Glue the two wings in place on the sides of the body.

9.  Cut two 2″ pieces from the wood skewer, paint them orange and let dry. Poke them into the bottom of the 2″ ball to make to legs.

10.  Cut a small triangle from the yellow craft foam for the beak and glue in place. Add two google eyes. Poke the turkey’s legs into the carved block and secure with a drop of glue.


Desktop cube of quotations


I love words. I especially love quotations that make me think about things a little differently or remind me to get outside the box of my comfort zone. And I really love it when I can create home décor items that feature my favorite quotations, like this desktop cube.

Smoothfoam Quotation Cube

I’ve had this 5″ Smoothfoam cube from sitting on my worktable for about a month, trying to think of something amazing to do with it. It almost became a giant alphabet block, then it was maybe going to be part of a mobile or a candle holder.

But none of these ideas ever felt quite right. Then one day I looked at it and thought,”Quotations! I can use it to display some of my favorite words!” Here’s how I made this cube into a unique piece for my desktop.


5″ Smoothfoam cube
Sophisticated Finishes Metallic Surfacer paint – copper
2″ wide double-stick tape
Five 4.5″ squares of tan cardstock
Five quotes printed on cream cardstock; trimmed to 4″ squares
Kroma Crackle Medium
Golden Acrylic Paint – Nickle Azo Yellow
Clearsnap Black Pigment Ink Pad
20 Tim Holtz ATC Diecut Corners
4 Tim Holtz Idea-ology Foundations Metal Box Feet
Black Tulip Dimensional Paint
Beacon Quick Grip Adhesive
Vintaj Patina Paints – Verdigris, Cinnabar
Hair dryer
Paint brush

1.  Paint the Smoothfoam cube with copper surfacer and set aside to dry.

2.  Trim out the centers from the tan 4-1/2″ squares to make 3/4″ wide frames. Brush crackle medium on all the frames and use a hair dryer to speed up the drying.

3.  Dry-brush yellow acrylic paint over the dried medium, then rub on some Verdigris patina paint to blend until you are happy with the color. Accent the edges of each frame with the black ink pad.

TIP:  The more medium you use, the larger the cracks will be. I used less medium to get just a few cracks to get a rusty tin effect.

4.  Adhere the quotations under the frames and then adhere one framed quote to each side of the cube, plus the top, with the double-stick tape tape. Be sure to cover as much of the back as possible with tape so you don’t have wavy edges.

5.  Paint the photo corners copper and blend in some Verdigris patina paint to distress them and let dry. Adhere four corners to the inside edge of each frame.

OPTION:  Use just two corners for the outside top edge of the frames on the sides of the cubes as shown.

6.  Finish off the frames with dimensional paint dots around the inside edge.

7.  Paint the feet with a blend of the two patina paints to give a more aged look and attach them to the bottom of the cube with Quick Grip adhesive.

Now I can display some of my favorite quotes so that everyone can see them. I have a couple more of those cubes and a bazillion more quotations that I love. I’ll be busy for a while.

No-sew Halloween witch ornament


In October there are ghouls and goblins everywhere, with scary movies and store aisles full of body parts and skeletons! However in my world, Halloween is cute and colorful, like this purple and orange no-sew witch ornament. Trick or treat, this Witchy Poo is kind of sweet!

Smoothfoam Halloween witch


1-7/8″ Smoothfoam egg
Kunin craft felt:  9” x 12” Black Glitter, 12” x 18” Purple Spider, 2” scrap Pumpkin
2 purple 12″ chenille stems
½ yard orange 3/8″ wide ribbon
1/3 yard black/white ½” wide polka-dot ribbon
Small orange button, 3 mini die-cut flowers
Craft paints – Ivory, Blush
Fabri-Tac adhesive
4” Westcott scissors
Fine and medium black markers
Measuring tape, ruler, pencil
3” circle template ruler
Wire cutters
Paint brush

1.  For her head, paint the Smoothfoam egg ivory. After it’s dry, draw her eyes and hair with a marker – the wide end of the egg is her chin. Dry-brush a little blush color on her cheeks.

no-sew witch clothes2.  For her hat, cut out a 3” circle and a 4-¾” x 4” rectangle from the spider-embossed felt. Cut ½” circle out from the center of the 3″ circle to make the hat brim. Fold the rectangle in half to 4” x 2-3/8″ then trim it to a tall triangle for the hat crown.

3.  Cut one chenille piece in half and place the end of one half into the center hole of the hat brim. Glue the hat crown in place over the brim hole and pull the stem through the hole in the brim until the top of the hat folds over. Fold and glue the stem to the underside of the brim and trim off excess. Glue flowers and button to the hat as shown.

4.  Cut a 5” x 8” strip from the same felt for her dress. Glue a piece of orange ribbon along one end of the strip. Cut small slits into the opposite side, ¼” down from the edge, spaced ½” apart. Lace the second half of the chenille stem through slits and pull tight to gather the felt into a neckline. Twist the ends of the stem together and make a hanging loop with the excess in the back. Glue her head to top of gathered felt and glue her hat to the top of her head.

5.  Cut a 4″ square of the purple felt for her sleeves. Fold it in half and trim two folded triangles out of it, glue the seams. Fold the second chenille stem in half to make her arms. Bend and twist each end into small loops for hands. Slip a sleeve on to each end of the chenille and glue the arms/sleeves into place behind her head.

6.  For her shoes, cut two 3” x 4” pieces from the black glitter felt. Click here to download a pattern to trace the shoe shape twice – once for the front of the shoe, then reverse it for the back) on to each piece of felt. Trim out and glue the fronts and backs together so you have the glitter sides facing out. Glue them inside the front edge of the dress.

7.  Tie a small bows with the orange ribbon and glue to the bottom of the dress. Tie a larger bow with the polka dot ribbon and glue under her chin. Cut out a pumpkin from the orange felt and glue it to her hand.

This wee witch is ready to hang from a wreath or mantle. I added her to my HALLOWEEN banner across the fireplace. The punch of color is the perfect contrast to the black and white banner. Add a dowel or skewer inside to insert her into a wreath or Halloween centerpiece.


How to make a flower pot scarecrow

I love the fall. Now there’s not a lot of crispness in the air in SW Florida and the leaves don’t change, so that’s why I like to decorate my home with all of the reminders of fall. This flower pot scarecrow is one of my favorites and can be created in about an hour! Decorate your home with a terra cotta pot scarecrow today!

Smoothfoam flower pot scarecrowSupplies:

2″ Smoothfoam ball
4″ terra cotta flower pot
DecoArt Americana paints:  Buttermilk, Hauser Medium Green,
Georgia Clay, Lamp Black, Graphite, Fawn, Antique Gold, Williamsburg Blue
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Small wood bird, mini straw hat
Two 3″ wood pegs
2 black buttons, 1/2″ square fabric scraps
Raffia, kraft crinkle-cut paper shred
Paint brushes – small round and flat
Black marker
Serrated knife

1.  Turn the pot upside down for the scarecrow’s body. To make his shirt, paint the top half of the pot and the two pegs with Buttermilk; let dry. Paint horizontal lines with Antique Gold and vertical lines in Green on top of the Buttermilk on both the pot and pegs to make a checkerboard pattern; let dry.

2.  To make his overalls, paint the bottom half of the pot with Williamsburg Blue, then add two lines for the straps as shown; let dry. Draw a pocket in front with the marker.

3.  For his hands, paint the ends of the pegs with Fawn. Paint the wood bird with Lamp Black, and add the wing and tail details with Graphite, paint the beak Antique Gold, and add an eye with Buttermilk.

smoothfoam balls

4.  For his head, paint the Smoothfoam ball with Buttermilk and let dry. Dry-brush a little Fawn paint over the Buttermilk, then slice off a 1/4″ sliver from the bottom of the ball so it will sit flat on the pot. Paint a triangle with Georgia Clay for his nose and draw in some facial features with black marker as shown.  Highlight his eyes with Buttermilk.

5.  Glue the head to the top of the body and glue the peg arms one to each side. Glue two of the fabric patches, buttons and bird to the front. Glue the third fabric patch to the straw hat. Glue a small handful of crinkle paper to the top of his head, then adhere the hat. Tie some raffia around his neck and wrists.


How to make a Halloween wreath with deco mesh


Hello Crafty Peeps! I have always wanted to make a DIY Halloween wreath with poly deco mesh – and with Smoothfoam as the foundation, I knew I could really make it really fabulous! Learn how to make deco mesh Halloween wreaths below.

Halloween wreath with Smoothfoam and deco mesh



Several 1/2″ Smoothfoam balls (10-15 should be enough)
One 10″ Smoothfoam disc
Poly deco mesh ribbon – two colors
Hot glue gun
Coordinating wired or grosgrain ribbon
Floral pins
Craft paint in coordinating color
Decoupage medium

1.  Cut and remove an 8″ circle from the center of the 10′ Smoothfoam disc to create the wreath form and wrap it with tulle, securing with hot glue.

2.  Cut 8″ lengths from each color of deco mesh and roll them to form spiral cones. Attach each spiral cone to the wreath with floral pins.

3.  Paint the Smoothfoam balls and allow to dry, then brush a coat of decoupage medium and sprinkle glitter on each. Glue a glitter ball to the top of each floral pin.

4.  Make a bow with long tails using the wired or grosgrain ribbon, and pin it at the bottom of the wreath. Pin extra bows and glitter balls around the wreath for a little more glitz!


I made a video tutorial for you – I hope you’re inspired to create your own beautiful wreath!


Halloween decorating with Smoothfoam and Craft Attitude

Halloween decor with Smoothfoam


Halloween is drawing near…
The time to decorate is here!
Stock is gone from stores, I fear.
They’re now decked with Christmas cheer.
So with the help of my computer,
I’ll make my own décor…it’s cuter!


I recently participated in a Halloween Designer Blog Hop sponsored by the good people who make Craft Attitude, an inkjet-printable film that you can adhere to any surface. It’s perfect for dressing up Smoothfoam!

Whatever images I print on the film just blend right in to make it look like I had my Smoothfoam custom-printed….makes decorating super fast, fun and easy!

Click here for complete instructions and a video tutorial on how to make this little Halloween moon lantern decoration.

Thanksgiving turkey decoration with burlap and paper


Give thanks this holiday season for family, friends, good food…and this adorable DIY burlap turkey decoration for Thanksgiving. Let’s talk turkey!

Smoothfoam Thanksgiving turkey decoration


Smoothfoam 3” cube
Two Smoothfoam 2-1/2” balls
6” Smoothfoam disc
7 Sticky Sticks (self-adhesive jumbo craft sticks)
Cardstock:  kraft, dark brown, fall-themed pattern
Burlap fabric, jute twine
1-3/4” scalloped medallion die-cut or punch
Dark brown inkpad and dauber
Decoupage medium, paintbrush
Rubber stamps: 1” letters and 2-1/2” fall-themed image
Serrated knife or foam cutter
Low melt glue gun
Scissors, paper trimmer, pencil, toothpicks

Smoothfoam Thanksgiving Turkey decoration

1.  Body:  Cut 1” off from one side of the disc. Trace around the disc twice onto kraft cardstock and cut out pieces for the front and back. Cut 1” strips for the sides of the disc and adhere the trimmed cardstock to the disc using the decoupage medium. Repeat for the 3” cube, leaving one side uncovered. Distress the edges with the inkpad and dauber.

2.  Tail feathers:  Cut ¾” strips from kraft and patterned cardstock. Trim strips to fit the front and back of each craft stick. Adhere the cardstock to the craft sticks, alternating the kraft with the patterned, leaving the adhesive strip at the bottom of the sticks exposed. Distress the edges of the sticks with brown ink. Remove the adhesive strip from each stick and adhere sticks (it’s permanent adhesive!) to the back of the disc, fanned out as shown.

3.  Head and wings:  For the head, cut a 6” square of burlap and wrap it around one ball. Tie the twine around the burlap at the bottom into a tight knot and bow. Trim off any excess burlap and twine.  For the wings, cut the remaining ball in half and wrap each half in burlap and glue down the edges to the flat sides. Trim off excess burlap and distress the head and wings with the inkpad. Glue on small dots of black cardstock for the eyes, an orange triangle for the beak, and small circles of brown for the wattle and head feathers.

4.  Assemble:  Using toothpicks and glue, attach the head and wings to the body (block), then attach the unfinished side of the body to the disc.

5.  Embellish:  Stamp the letters for the word “thanks” on the medallions, distress the edges and adhere to the top of each tail feather. Stamp a fall-themed image on cardstock and trim it to fit the front of the body and adhere. Glue additional medallions to the bottom of each tailfeather. Loop and glue twine to the back of the tail feathers as shown. I punched small circles from matching cardstock, then glued the twine between each stick and circle.  Unravel the ends of the twine on each side of the turkey.


Make an owl for an autumn wreath


This adorable little owl can sit inside an autumn wreath or a fall bouquet…a perfect addition to your harvest décor!

Owl made with Smoothfoam



1″ Smoothfoam ball
2-½” Smoothfoam egg
Craft paints: brown, gold
Felt scraps: tan, light yellow
Craft foam scrap: tan
Wiggle eyes
6” yellow chenille stem, yellow
Small branch
Craft glue, hot glue
Serrated craft knife
Paintbrush, scissors

1.  Trim off one side of the ball and the large end of the egg. Glue the flat sides of each together to make the head and body of the owl.

2.  Paint the owl brown and let dry. Dry brush the front of the body with tan.

3.  Cut two ovals (wings) and a triangle (face) from the tan felt. Use a dime to trace and cut two small circles from the light yellow felt. Make small cuts around the circles to create fringed rings. Make cuts into the ovals to look more like feathers if desired.

4.  Cut two small triangles from tan craft foam for the beak.

5.  Glue the tan felt triangle to the center of the head. Glue the yellow circles on either side of the point and glue the wiggle eyes to the circles. Glue the wings to the body on each side with the edges against the head. Glue the beak on the point between the eyes.

6.  Cut the chenille stem into two pieces and wrap the pieces around the branch like his feet, spacing them as shown. Hot glue the body to the feet and branch.