Halloween bat mobile


This bat mobile may not be driven by super heroes, but it sure makes a cute Halloween decoration! Learn how to make this hanging foam bat craft below.

Smoothfoam bat mobile



3 Smoothfoam eggs
2-3 black plastic lids (coffee cans)
Black craft paint
6 wiggle eyes
Black craft wire
Clear thread
Toothpicks and scrap foam
Serrated craft knife
Scissors and wire cutters
Craft glue

1.  Paint the eggs black (push a toothpick into the hole on the back of each egg to use as a handle). Poke each egg into the scrap foam to dry.

2.  Cut slits on both sides of each egg (at the seam) with the craft knife for inserting the wings. Cut two smaller slits on the large end of the egg for the ears.

3.  Cut two wings and two ears from each plastic lid. Use the photo as a guide for a pattern.

Smoothfoam Halloween bat decoration

4.  Slide the ends of the ears and wings into each egg to check the fit. Remove, add glue and slide each piece back into each egg.

5.  Glue a pair of wiggle eyes and a few strands of yarn to each bat.

6.  Cut three 1” lengths of craft wire and bend each half to form a “U” shape. Tie a length of clear thread onto the wire loop and press the ends of the wire into the top of each bat.

7.  Hang the bats from a branch at with varied lengths.


Mason jar flower topiary


To honor fall, my favorite season, I created this mason jar topiary that’s covered with small paper flowers, reminiscent of a chrysanthemum in full bloom. This fake flower topiary is the perfect no-fuss centerpiece.

Obermeyer Fall Topiary



– 6″ Smoothfoam ball
– Double-sided patterned cardstock (I used Halloween themes from My Mind’s Eye)
– Fiskars extra large scalloped circle lever punch
– Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
– Orange acrylic paint
– Sponge brush
– 12″ dowel (1/2″ diameter)
– Twine
– River pebbles
– Scissors
– Mason jar (quart size)
– Large knitting needle or screwdriver


1.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball orange and set aside to dry.

2.  Punch approximately 560 scalloped circles out of the paper to make enough flowers to cover the ball.

3.  To make one flower, glue 4 circles together to form the base. Add small dots of glue to the center of the first three, stick together and add the fourth on top. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4.  Make a small snip with the scissors at each indentation on the scalloped circle to form petals.  Fold petals toward the center. Repeat for each flower.

Paper flowers for Smoothfoam topiary

5.  Place one end of the twine onto a dab of glue on one end of the dowel. Wind the twine tightly around the dowel, leaving 2″ uncovered at the end. Trim off the excess and add more glue to the end of the twine to secure; allow to dry.

6.  Glue flowers all over the painted Smoothfoam ball, leaving a space open at the bottom to insert the dowel.  TIP – To keep the ball from rolling all over your work table, place it on top of the mason jar lid to hold it steady as you glue.

7.  Once all the flowers are dry, poke a starter hole in the bottom of the ball with a screwdriver or large knitting needle, then push the uncovered end of dowel into the ball.

8.  Embellish the lip of the mason jar by gluing twine around it and let dry.

9.  Hold the dowel and ball inside the jar as you pour in the river pebbles.

“Go-Anywhere” cat toy


My kitties, Marshmallow and Lily, love to play with balls, tinsel, and string – so I got a bright idea – create my own “go-anywhere” cat toy craft for my home.


It’s no secret – over the last year I have turned into a crazy cat lady! And with this new adventure into the world of owning indoor cats, I found myself looking for practical cat toys that would not be littered all over the house, take up a lot of space, or take over my home. It has been a challenge…I can’t tell you how many times I almost walked out of the pet store with one of those beige cat condos out of desperation. Luckily, the hubby stopped me from making that mistake!

This go-anywhere DIY interactive cat toy can hang from a doorknob, be strung around chair legs (like in the photos), be strung across two legs of a dining table, or stretched across two cabinet door pulls. I move it around the house to different places to keep the kitties interested.

This handy-dandy video shows how to create your own cat toy craft from start to finish:

– Smoothfoam balls in various diameters
– Acrylic craft paint
– Foam paint brush
– Bamboo skewers
– Hot glue gun
– Tinsel
– Foam pom-poms
– Elastic cord

1.  Carefully drill a hole through the middle of an assortment of Smoothfoam balls. The dense Smoothfoam is easy to drill with very little mess.

2.  Paint each of the balls a bright color with acrylic craft paint. Insert the handle of a small paintbrush or skewer into the holes to hold them while painting. Set aside to dry.

3.  Use a skewer to clear any debris from the holes that would block the elastic cord from being threaded through the ball. The balls are essentially giant beads in this project.

4.  Thread the Smoothfoam balls onto a length of elastic cord. Tie the ends of the cord together to make a loop.

5.  Hot glue foam pom-poms to the cord and hot-glue tinsel around the outside of some balls.

Could you see yourself creating go-anywhere DIY interactive cat toys with Smoothfoam? Please leave us a comment to let us know what you would make for your pet.

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Halloween decorations are easy with Smoothfoam!


It’s fun and easy to make cute or spooky Halloween decorations with Smoothfoam sheets and discs. Use a craft knife or heat carving tool to trim out your shapes and give them a coat of paint. Glue on your favorite googly eyes, felt shapes, autumn leaves…and you’re set!

halloween julie mcguffee

Visit our website to shop the pre-cut seasonal shapes too…make it scary good!
– Cat’s head
– Crescent moon
– Mini tombstone
– Large tombstone
– Sculptured owl

Spooky miniature mausoleum for Halloween


This mini mausoleum is pretty spooky, but it was so much fun to make for my Halloween table this year! Get crafty and learn how to create your own DIY Halloween mausoleum below.

Smoothfoam mausoleum Angela Holt



– Smoothfoam 12″ sheet
– Craft paints:  black, white, green
– Paint brush and sponges
– Hot glue gun
– 5″ square paper maché box with lid
– Paper die-cuts:  tree branches, bats
– 2 sets wooden flourish gates – Kaiser Craft
– Miniature coffin, pumpkins and skulls
– Faux spider webbing  


1.  Paint the box, lid and Smoothfoam sheet inside and out with black and let dry.

2.  Blend some white and black paint together to make gray. Use a sponge to pounce and dab random texture on all the pieces with gray paint, then highlight small areas with white and a little green to look mossy; let dry.

3.  Cut 2 pieces from the Smoothfoam sheet – approximately 5″ x 7″ and 5″ x 9″. Glue the smaller piece on top of the larger piece, flush at the back and staggered in front to create the steps.

4.  Turn the box on its side, with the open end facing the front and glue it on top of the Smoothfoam steps.

5.  Paint the wooden gate pieces black, let dry, then glue one full set into place on the front of the box, and cut the second set in half and glue the tops to the sides of the steps to create railings as shown.


6.  Place the coffin inside the mausoleum and embellish the outside with skulls, pumpkins, trees, bats and spider webbing.

Smoothfoam mini mausoleum Angela Holt