Carve some whimsical jumping sheep!


You won’t want to fall asleep counting these whimsical jumping sheep – they are too cute for words! It’s easy and fun to carve Smoothfoam into an adorable tabletop display.

Carved Smoothfoam sheep by Carmen Flores Tanis



Smoothfoam sheet – any size
Smoothfoam block – to fit planter box
Wood planter box
Mini wood fence
Googly eyes
Wood skewers
Green construction paper
Grass garnish (saved from a sushi meal)
18 or 20 gauge black wire
KoolTak Ultra Clear Double-Sided 1/4″ Tape
Craft paints – white, black
Craft glue
Paint brush, plastic dish
Green markers, pencil
Scissors, craft knife
Wire cutters, round-nose beading pliers
Hot wire foam cutting tool


1.  Trim the Smoothfoam block with the hot wire tool to to fit snugly inside the wood planter box.

2.  Cut green paper to fit inside the box on top of the Smoothfoam block.

3.  Paint the miniature wood fence and let dry. Poke it through the paper into the Smoothfoam block at an angle as shown. Trim away any paper and Smoothfoam from around the base of the fence so it fits snugly.

4.  Draw squiggles on the paper with green markers.

5.  Cut four different-size sheep shapes with randomly scalloped edges from the Smoothfoam sheet using the hot wire tool. Outline the faces and add squiggles for texture on their bodies with the tip of hot wire tool.

Smoothfoam carved sheep by Carmen Flores Tanis


6.  Paint each sheep white (poke a skewer into the sheep to use as a handle while painting). Let dry. Paint the sheep faces black and let dry, then glue the googly eyes into place.

7.  Cut sixteen 5” lengths of wire for the sheep’s legs. Use the round-nose pliers to fold each length of wire in half, curl little spirals for each foot, then poke 4 wire legs into each sheep.

8.  Slide each sheep onto a skewer and poke them into the block. Trim skewers shorter for the smaller sheep as needed to give the illusion of distance in your display.

9.  Attach grass to the fence with the double-sided tape. To add grass to the ground, fold the bottom edge of the grass up 1/4″ to make a base and tape it down.

Ball toss game

This Velcro ball toss game is easy to make and fun to play, either on the floor or on the wall. Just toss the balls and add up the points! Learn how to make your own DIY ball toss game below.


Ball Toss Game with Smoothfoam by Terry Ricioli


Smoothfoam 12” disc
8 Smoothfoam 1-¼” balls
Red and yellow felt squares
Velcro Sticky-Back strips (hook side only)
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Americana craft paints – True Red, True Blue and Kelly Green
Stick’rzFelt 2″ numbers
Scrap paper

1.  Paint the edges and back of the disc red. Paint four balls blue and four balls green. Set aside to dry.

TIP:  Stick a toothpick into the hole in each ball to hold as a handle while you paint, then stick them into a piece of scrap foam to dry.

2.  To make a pattern for cutting the felt into wedges, trace the 12” disc on to a piece of paper. Cut out the circle and fold it into eighths and cut out one eighth.

3.  Cut four wedges each from the red and yellow felt and glue them to the disc, alternating the colors. Glue a small circle of red felt in the center. Allow to dry.

4.  Cut the Velcro strip into 4-¼” lengths, then cut each piece in half lengthwise. Adhere a narrow strip around the center of each of the painted balls.

5.  Adhere a felt number to each of the wedges.

Accordion-fold mini scrapbook cube


Wow, August is almost over! Summer vacations provide so many photo opps…fun times with friends and family. This mini accordion-fold scrapbook cube is perfect for tucking away little mementos & reminders of your summer getaways. It would be fun to make mini scrapbook cubes commemorating any season, or holiday, or a special event like a baby’s birth or a wedding!

Accordian mini scrapbook block with Smoothfoam by Marilyn Gossett

3″ Smoothfoam cube
12″ sheets of cardstock with coordinating papers and embellishments
( I used the “Surf’s Up” assortment from Close To My Heart)
Rubber stamps and ink pads
Die-cuts, mini-envelopes, ephemera, photos
Cosmetic sponge wedge
Dry adhesive
Dimensional adhesive
Jute twine
Paper trimmer and scoring tool

1.  Cut a sheet of cardstock into four 3″ x 12″ strips.  Score each strip at 3″ intervals and fold accordion style.

Accordion mini scrapbook prep

2.  Cut contrasting papers into 2-3/4″ squares and adhere a square to each panel of the cardstock on both sides for all four strips. Adhere a strip to each of the four sides of the cube.

3.  Embellish the squares on each strip as desired with photos, die-cuts, etc. Tuck little notes and other ephemera into mini pockets.

4.  Adhere a finished strip to each side of the cube, then adhere a square of paper to the top and bottom of the cube.

3. Display your mini accordion-fold scrapbook open, or secure by tying a length of jute twine around the cube.

Accordion mini scrapbook closed

What’s in a name?


What’s in a name? Smoothfoam, that’s what! Here’s a cute project to make for a child’s room – what an adorable gift!

Child's hanging  name with Smoothfoam letters


Two 2” Smoothfoam balls
Smoothfoam letters to spell a name
3/8” wood dowel (12″ or longer as needed to fit name)
Craft paints – pink, white, brown
3/8” wide grosgrain ribbons to match paint colors
Sponge brush
Paper clips
Glue, pencil, paint brush

1.  Paint each Smoothfoam letter pink and let dry.

2.  Dip the end of a paint brush handle into white paint then press on to each letter to make dots and let dry.

3.  Paint the dowel white and the two Smoothfoam balls brown and set aside to dry.

4.  Make a pilot hole in each ball with a pencil, then push one ball onto each end of the dowel.

6.  Cut paper clips in half then trim so you have two wire “U” shapes. Push the ends of one wire “U” into the top of each letter for hanging.

7.  Attach each letter to the dowel with varied lengths of ribbon, as shown.  Overlap then glue ends of ribbon together to secure.

8. Tie smaller lengths of ribbon on to the dowel to embellish between the letters.

Quick and easy 3-tier cupcake stand

Smoothfoam Cupcake Stand by Candice Windham


At the church where I teach Sunday School, we love to celebrate the children’s birthdays with cupcakes—even store-bought cupcakes are more special when they’re displayed on a 3-tier cupcake stand. It’s so quick and easy to make with Smoothfoam discs!



Three Smoothfoam discs (10″, 8″ and 6″)
Two 1-1/2″ Smoothfoam balls
Teal metallic craft paint
Patterned cardstock
Decorative scissors -scalloped edge
2 small brass candlesticks*
Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze
Low-temp glue gun
Paint brush, pencil
Foam cutter


1.  Cut the Smoothfoam balls in half, then paint the halves and also the 3 Smoothfoam discs;  allow to dry.

2.  Glue the ball halves to the bottom of the 10″ disc (like 4 feet).

3.  Cut a 10″, an 8″ and a 6″ circle from the cardstock and trim around each circle with the scalloped scissors.

4.  Spray each circle with Krylon glaze and allow to dry (this seals the paper so you can wipe it with a damp cloth for re-use). Glue a circle to each disc.

5.  Glue the base of one candlestick to the center of the 10″ disc. Glue the 8″ disc to the top of that candlestick, then glue the second candlestick to the top of the 8″ disc. Glue the 6″ disc to the top candlestick.

6.  Add some pretty trims, lettering or bling around the edges of each disc to personalize your 3-tier cupcake stand.


* TIP for polishing brass candlesticks:  I bought these candlesticks at second-hand store and they were looking pretty dull. To restore their shine, mix equal parts lemon juice and salt, then rub it on the brass with #0000 super fine steel wool to remove all the tarnish and dirt. Coat them with a small amount of lemon oil to keep them shiny longer.


Hanging ribbon organizer


I desperately needed this hanging ribbon organizer! I save ribbons from gift bags and I also buy ribbon by the yard sometimes. I had been dropping all my loose bits of ribbon into a basket, which I thought was pretty organized of me…but it had become totally tangled and unruly and hard to see what I had.

Smoothfoam rods are the perfect solution and it’s easy to add extra rods as your ribbon stash grows…because we really never have enough ribbon, do we?


Smoothfoam hanging ribbon organizer



Smoothfoam 12″ rods
Craft paint
Large flat buttons
24 gauge wire
18 gauge wire
Strong contact adhesive
Round-nose beading pliers
Straight pins

1.  Paint the Smoothfoam rods and set aside to dry overnight.

2.  Create several mini s-hooks from the thicker 18g wire, using the round-nose beading pliers, and set aside.

3.  Cut lengths of chain for hanging at the top and for the left and right sides of the organizer and set aside. I was upcycling miscellaneous lengths of chain from another project, but using just one super long chain folded in half would be easiest to work with.

4.  Fold a 3″ length of the thinner 24g wire and put it through the holes in a button. Twist the ends together, leaving a small loop on top. Repeat for the rest of the buttons. You could also just insert the wire without twisting, but I thought maybe the single thicker twisted wire would hold inside the foam better than 2 thinner smooth wires.

5.  Add some contact adhesive to the bottom of the button and on the twisted wire. Poke the wire into the center of one end of a painted rod and press it down so the button is flush with the foam and the wire loop is still sticking out. Repeat for both ends of all the rods and allow to dry.

6.  Wrap your ribbons around the rod and secure with straight pins. To avoid putting extra pinholes in the ribbon, pull the end of what you wrapped off to the side a bit and put the pin just through the end.

7.  Attach each rod to the chain(s) with the s-hooks. I left space between 3 rods so I can easily hook more rods in between when needed.


Beaded Angel Ornament – by Tracy Johnson


Tracy shared this lovely beaded angel ornament on our Facebook page, and now we want to share it with you. Let us know what you’re making with Smoothfoam so we can feature you next!

Smoothfoam Angel by Tracy Johnson



Smoothfoam angel
3/4″ silver straight pins
Clear seed beads (size 11/0)
Purple beads (size 6/0)
Pink sequins (size 8mm)
Silver ribbon
Craft glue


1.  Put a clear seed bead, a purple bead, then a pink sequin on a straight pin, then push the pin into the angel on the seam, starting at the top (leave a little open space to attach a ribbon later).


2.  Repeat with more beaded pins until one side of the angel is completely covered, then cover the other side the same way.


3.  Fold a 6″ length of ribbon in half to make a loop. Add a little glue in the space you left at the top of the angel, and add some glue to a beaded pin. Pin through the ends of the ribbon into the angel and press the ribbon ends into the glue; allow to dry.


Add texture to Smoothfoam with a paper grocery bag


Add texture to Smoothfoam with a paper grocery bag! Water, glue and wrinkles give this “Tuscan Grapes” art plaque a unique, weathered look.

Grape Plaque made with Smoothfoam by Terry Ricioli



Ten 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Foam board or heavy cardboard –  7” x 9”
Large paper grocery bag
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Watercolor paints
Serrated knife


1.  Cut each Smoothfoam ball in half with the serrated knife.  Cut a few off-center to add more dimension to the cluster.

2.  Arrange halves like a bunch of grapes on the board and glue into place, leaving room at the top for the stem and leaves.

3.  Trim the two side panels off of the paper bag. Lightly dampen one panel with water, wad it into a ball and set aside. Fold the other panel in half, printed side in, and glue the halves together. After the glue is dry, trace two grape leaf shapes on the double-thick panel and cut out. Scrunch the leaves up a bit to create texture and set aside.


4.  Paint a thin coat of glue on the surface of each grape and the surrounding board. Stretch out the damp, wrinkled bag and lay it print side down over the grapes and gently press the bag around and between the grapes. Press the outer edges of the bag down on the board, pushing it around gently to create random folds and wrinkles. Wrap the remainder of the bag around to the back the board and glue.

5.  Once the plaque is dry, paint the grapes and leaves with watercolors and let dry. Make a twisted stem from a scrap of the bag, then glue the leaves and the stem in place with the grapes.


Painting and laminating Smoothfoam tiles


By painting and laminating Smoothfoam sheets and cutting them into tiles, I created a Iarger-than-life game of “Scrabble” to display at the Craft & Hobby trade show and conference last month.

Smoothfoam Scrabble Tiles by Cindi Bisson

The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) had a special display area at the show to celebrate the Cre8time movement – which is all about encouraging more people to make time to be creative. Several different designers created projects that incorporated the number 8 into the theme.

I started with 1″ sheets of Smoothfoam and cut out enough 2″ squares to spell out all the words, using a KellyCraft Laser Square to keep everything even.

After lightly sanding the edges of each tile, I spray-painted them with tan Krylon paint. Once the tiles were dry, I printed each letter from my computer on to Craft Attitude Film, trimmed them out and adhered them to the tiles.

I love how the tiles looked like real wood, without being too heavy for displaying the game board vertically. I hope you all are making time to be creative!