Star anise ornament – Christmas in July


The warm smell of star anise fills the air with this holiday spice homemade Christmas tree ornament that you can make with any size Smoothfoam ball.ObermeyerSpiceBall Inspired by the holiday traditions of my childhood, I designed this star anise ornament to be hung throughout the winter. Use it to decorate a Christmas tree and then later hang it in the closet.  The fragrance will make your clothes smell divine while acting as a natural moth repellent. Learn how to make this homemade Christmas tree ornament below.

Smoothfoam 3″ ball
4 oz of star anise
2-3 oz of juniper berries
1/2″ wide green satin ribbon
Hot glue gun
Hot Glue Gun Helpers finger cots
Glue dots
Red-head straight pins
Green acrylic paint
Paint brush
Parchment paper

1.  Stick the toothpick into the ball to use as a handle and paint the ball with two coats. Press the toothpick into a piece of corrugated cardboard to hold the ball while it is dries.

2.  Hot glue the star anise (individual stars) around the ball, leaving a small blank space at the top of the ornament for the ribbon hanger. Use the finger cots to avoid burning your fingers as you press the stars into place. Glue juniper berries into the spaces between the stars. TIP: Work on top of parchment paper – it’s non-stick and perfect for catching glue strings for easy clean up.

3.  Cut three lengths of ribbon (13″, 10″ and 8″) to create basic two-loop bows. Place a glue dot in the center of each length, fold each end toward the center and press into the glue dot to create two loops. Adhere the bows on top of each other, small to large, with more glue dots.

5.  Fold a 12″ length of ribbon in half into a circle and adhere with another glue dot. Attach the circle, glued edges down, to the top of the ball with four straight pins.