Mosaic sun sculpture

Smoothfoam mosaic tile sun by Cindi Bisson

For this mosaic sun sculpture, a Smoothfoam ball is the perfect lightweight base for a ceramic tile mosaic. Increase the size of the ball for a even larger pop of sunshine on your porch. Learn how to make this summer craft project below.


4” Smoothfoam ball
Yellow mosaic tiles
Tile grout
Craft knife, serrated knife
Copper foil tape
Hot glue gun
Copper wire
Sand paper


1.  Cut the Smoothfoam ball in half – start with the craft knife and finish the cut with a serrated knife.

2.  Sand the flat side of the ball half to make it smoother.

3.  Break the yellow mosaic tiles into randomly-sized pieces with the hammer.

4.  Hot-glue the tile pieces to the ball, leaving about 1/2” uncovered around the outer edge.

5.  Apply tile grout following manufacturer’s instructions and let dry.

6.  Cut the copper wire into desired lengths and bend to form rays of the sun. Insert the wire rays all around the perimeter of the sun.

7.  Hot-glue strips of copper tape around the perimeter, above and below where the  wire rays are inserted.

8.  Adhere a removable mounting strip to the back for hanging.

Baby turtle for the garden

Turtle with Smoothfoam

Every garden needs a baby turtle…this little guy will add character to any planter.


2″ Smoothfoam ball
1” Smoothfoam balls
DecoArt Americana paints: Kelly Green, Sour Apple, Peony Pink
Lime green craft foam
Wiggle eyes
Craft glue
Serrated knife, scissors
Green felt pen
Paintbrush, palette

1.  Cut a 2” Smoothfoam ball in half with a serrated knife for the turtle shell.

2.  Slice a small piece off one side of a 1” ball for the turtle head.

3.  Cut another 1” ball into quarters for the feet.

4.  Paint the shell with Kelly Green and paint the other pieces with Sour Apple; let dry.

5.  Glue the head to the shell and glue the feet under the shell as shown; let dry.

6.  Cut small shapes from craft foam for the shell markings and glue them on randomly.

7.  Glue wiggle eyes to the head. Add cheeks with a dot of pink paint (use the end of your paintbrush or a pencil eraser). Draw a mouth, eyebrows, nostrils and toes with the felt pen.

Smoothfoam turtle