Tabletop topiaries


Tall topiaries are really fun to make and take up very space on your table. Make several for a dinner party or wedding reception, or make just one to add some life to the end table beside your favorite chair. Smoothfoam balls are so versatile for topiaries because not only can you poke in straight pins or floral wire, you can also cover the smooth surface quickly with any acrylic craft paint, then glue your favorite flora around it.

Click the links below to learn how to make these terrific topiaries!

Mason Jar Topiary
Paper Hibiscus Topiary
Whimsical Orange Tree
Ribbon Topiary
Moss Ball Topiary
Mini Rose Topiary


DIY party centerpieces

smoothfoam party centerpieces

From birthdays to baby showers, DIY party centerpieces are made easier with Smoothfoam! It’s lightweight and easy to paint or embellish to enhance whatever you are celebrating. Click the links below to learn how to make these crafty and creative attention-getters for your party table.

Gazebo Display
Cupcake Gems
Duck Bubble Bath
Funky Chicken
Snail Flower Pot
Party Favor Bouquet
Faux Succulent Boxes


Make time to make games!

smoothfoam Lawn Dice

We all know how fun family game nights can be. So how about having a family game day – make the game and then play it!

Get the kids together to craft up some giant dice to play Yahtzee outside on the lawn – click here to see how to make them.

Ladybug TicTacToe Game

Get out grandma’s jar of buttons and make a batch of cute little ladybugs for this travel-ready Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Ball Toss Game with Smoothfoam byball toss game made with lightweight Smoothfoam can be a great way for little kids to develop their aim without damaging the walls.

Have you crafted your own family games using Smoothfoam balls and cubes? Let us know here in the comments or share a link on our Facebook page!

Round plaque – growing up is optional!

round smoothfoam plaque lisa fulmer

Make this quick and easy plaque with a Smoothfoam disc and your favorite washi tape. It’s cute and fun and so true – growing up is definitely optional, especially for us crafters!


  • 6″ Smoothfoam disc
  • Patterned washi tape
  • Narrow patterned duct tape
  • Sentiment sticker
  • Embellishments

washi tape on smoothfoam disc

Cover the disc with washi tape, lining up the pattern so the seams match, if possible.

wrap tape around smoothfoam disc

Wrap the ends of the tape around the edge of the disc at a slight angle to keep the folds crisp around the face of the disc.

duct tape on smoothfoam disc

After the disc is covered with washi tape, wrap some contrasting narrow duct tape around the edge like a frame. Duct tape is opaque, so it will cover the transparent washi tape.

pin buttons in smoothfoam

Embellish your plaque however you like – I attached a clear sentiment sticker, then glued on some colorful chipboard die-cuts. I attached the little buttons with small straight pins. I positioned the buttons at the bottom to help add weight, so the plaque will stand up on my desk without rolling around. You can also pin or glue a ribbon loop to the back for hanging.

round plaque side view lisa fulmer

Summer kids’ crafts – robots and aliens!

kids crafts robots and aliens

Take these to your leader! Here’s more fun for the kids this summer with Smoothfoam blocks, balls and sheets. There are no rules when it comes to making a robot or a space alien – kids can really let their imagination run free! Click the links below for full tutorials and have some out-of-this-world fun!

Mini robot
Girlie robot
Robbie the Robot
Alien spaceship
Aliens on the wall

Summer kids’ crafts – make a menagerie!

smoothfoam animals

Smoothfoam’s got you covered when it comes to keeping the kids busy this summer. Pull out the paints, glitter, yarn and pipecleaners and make a menagerie of cute “pets” that are way easier to take care of than the real ones. Click the links below to get the how-to instructions for each critter.

Click here to see lots more animal-themed projects – have fun!