Summer kids’ crafts – robots and aliens!

kids crafts robots and aliens

Take these to your leader! Here’s more fun for the kids this summer with Smoothfoam blocks, balls and sheets. There are no rules when it comes to making a robot or a space alien – kids can really let their imagination run free! Click the links below for full tutorials and have some out-of-this-world fun!

Mini robot
Girlie robot
Robbie the Robot
Alien spaceship
Aliens on the wall

Summer kids’ crafts – make a menagerie!

smoothfoam animals

Smoothfoam’s got you covered when it comes to keeping the kids busy this summer. Pull out the paints, glitter, yarn and pipecleaners and make a menagerie of cute “pets” that are way easier to take care of than the real ones. Click the links below to get the how-to instructions for each critter.

Click here to see lots more animal-themed projects – have fun!

Fun handmade gifts girls can make for their friends

smoothfoam gifts kids make for friends

Instead of spending hours at the mall trying to find the right gift for your girl to bring to her friend’s birthday party – head to the craft store and get creative! Here are six super fun handmade gifts that girls can make for their friends. Any of these craft projects would also be a terrific group activity for all the kids at the party to make together.

Click the title to learn how to make it (clockwise from top left):

Hair clip organizer
Name wallhanging
Cell phone pouch
Top banana trophy
Pencil topper
Door sign