Photo cube ornament


This photo cube ornament is quick and easy to make with your favorite papers, punches and embellishments. I started with a 3″ Smoothfoam cube and 3″ squares of scrapbook paper. You can drill a hole through the center of the cube with a hot wire tool or just use a large wood skewer. Push it carefully through the cube from top to bottom, pull it out and push it through a few more times all around the original hole to make it a bit larger. Be prepared to wipe up some foam crumbs.

smoothfoam cube

You can adhere the paper to each side of the cube with tacky glue or a gluestick, but I just used pearl-head straight pins in the corners. Push them in at an angle toward the center of the cube. Cut slits or punch a small hole in the center of the papers you choose for the top and bottom. Punch out shapes from cardstock for framing small photos and embellish however you like. Fold long pieces of ribbon in half and push the folded end (loop) through the hole with the skewer from the bottom up to the top. Tie off the ribbons with knots or bows at the top and bottom to secure in place for hanging.


Smoothfoam beads and jewelry displays

smoothfoam beads jewelry display

Smoothfoam balls are so fun to paint and embellish for using as beads in jewelry and accessories. Whether you work with the tiniest 3/4″ diameter or the larger 1.5″ size, they are lightweight enough to wear comfortably as earrings and necklaces. Plus they float, so they make perfect beads for key fobs and sunglass holders for all you water sports fans. If you like to sell your own handmade jewelry, Smoothfoam blocks, rods and sheets can be painted or covered to create custom jewelry display forms. Check out some of our designers’ fantastic ideas right here:

Necklace stand

Bracelet stand

Black sequin pendant

Black sequin earrings

Silver sequin earrings

Key fob

Polka dot beads


Fabulous frames and photo-holders

smoothfoam frames and photo holders

Who doesn’t love to surround themselves with photos of their family and friends? Instead of buying basic frames and photo holders from the store, how about making one of these pretty projects with Smoothfoam? Our designers have come up with some truly original ideas for shining a spotlight on your favorite peeps!

Clipboard stand
Decorative block photo-holder
Ladybug photo vignette
Embossed aluminum frame
Baseball photo block
Felt flower photo pocket

Ring toss carnival game


I was recently give the task of creating a Ring Toss Game for my grandson’s carnival-themed birthday party. After washing, spray painting and nesting all the bottles in a plastic tote, I needed to find something lightweight that would be safe to toss on to the glass bottles. Smoothfoam 4″ mini wreath forms to the rescue! Just 1-2 coats of paint and now every kid at the party will have fun trying to make a ringer and win a prize!


She sells seashells by the seashore

Seaside shells decor

No matter what season it is, seaside-themed décor is always beautifully neutral and calm. If you love to collect seashells from family trips to the ocean or if you buy shells from the craft store, you can lovingly display them throughout your home with a little help from Smoothfoam. Check out our designer DIYs and bring a bit of sand and surf indoors!

Shell wreath
Shell mirror
Carved starfish
Sandy frame
Shell dish


Art panels in the round

art panels smoothfoam discs

Who says it’s hip to be square? We think circles are pretty cool, in a roundabout way. Smoothfoam discs make terrific art panels for a wide variety of mediums, colors and themes. From wallhangings to mandalas to décor for the kids’ room, we’ve surrounded you with some really fun DIY ideas!

Growing up
String art
Flower collage
PacMan and Pokemon

Art panels made easy with Smoothfoam

smoothfoam art panels

A simple sheet of Smoothfoam can become an inspiring work of art with just a little imagination. Whether you enjoy painting, stamping, stenciling, collage, heat-carving, image transfer, texturizing…it’s all possible on this affordable, lightweight surface. Find your muse and get creative!

Cherish quote
Monogram wallhanging
Dress-form canvas
Carved butterfly
Word art

Frightful and delightful DIY Halloween Decorations

halloween smoothfoam decorations

Whether you’re hosting a community haunted house, competing with the neighbors for the best-decorated yard, or just looking to make the night more fun for those trick-or-treaters who come knocking – these spooky good DIY Halloween decorations are too fun to pass up! Check out our designers’ full tutorials for each craft project below and enjoy the haunt!

Vintage-inspired Halloween pumpkins
Light-up Jack O’Lantern
Spider candy dish
Graveyard tombstones
Light-up owl
Haunted house centerpiece